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Thoughts from my "Seasons of Life" book...

This entire book is based on a prophetic statement that our associate pastor Kris Vallotton said in his message one Sunday morning -

"There is enough grace today to get done, everything that needs to be done".

(deep breath) Just let that soak in.

"Father we ask that in our daily lives that we would not be anxious or overwhelmed by anything. But that we would find you in our season of life that we are in at the moment and align ourselves with the grace of that season."

I apply that statement over myself every single day.


Hello!! (a little note from Jenn)


What a fun busy season!! Fall is so fun! My whole house is decorated "Pottery Barn Fall"-ish. There's a pumpkin candle on the counter filling the whole house with fall!!! LOVE IT!!

Our kids are getting big!! Haley is almost 7 (which is crazy!!), Tea Kate is 3 and Braden just turned 1!! It's a lot to keep up with everything, but obviously very worth it and fun!

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